1984...My story starts back in a small town high school woodshop class where I fell in love with the art of woodworking. I fortunately had a teacher who nurtured my zeal for the trade. I won several 1st. place state awards for my projects that I produced in class. I knew at that time what I wanted to do with my life & that some day I would have a business of my own.

After graduation I went on to continue working for a custom sail boat company where I honed my talents and was trained by "Old Timers" in the field of boat building & woodworking. You can see some of my woodwork on those masterpieces pictured by clicking on the link: Cherubini Yachts.

1992...It was time to move on. I moved to North Carolina and there is where the story of my business began. I started my shop from the ground up in a small 2 car garage as most people do in this industry. Opened the doors for business in December of 1993.